Fujifilm X-T100 Clean HDMI Output For Live Streaming Recording

Hai, in this article i want to show you how to setting camera mirrorless fujifilm clean hdmi output. Clean HDMI Output is function to get clean image without overlay menu like battery indicator, ect when using external monitor or using hdmi capture, and camera monitor still power on.

Benefit Clean HDMI Output :

  • Record external hdmi
  • Live Streaming with HDMI Capture
  • Live Production Multicamera with Swithcer HDMI

Setting Fujifilm X-T100 To Get Clean HDMI Output :

Clean HDMI Output Fujifilm X-T100

Cons Fujifilm X-T100 Clean HDMI :

  • Only get clean hdmi output when start record video, i hope fujifilm can update firmware and fix this feature
  • Limit record 29 minutes

Ok, that’s all, thanks for reading this article, please comment bellow if you have question about this tutorial. Bye bye


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