How to Fix a Broken Lens on Fujifilm Mirrorless Camera that Can’t Attach to the Body

Hello friends, in this post I want to share a guide on how to fix a broken lens due to a fall, usually the broken part is in the mounting, if the mounting is broken, the lens cannot be attached to the camera body anymore.

The mounting part is vulnerable to breakage because it is made of plastic, so if this Fujifilm mirrorless camera lens falls, it is likely to break/crack easily.

To fix it, we need an additional spare part, this part is called a “Mounting Bayonet”, make sure to buy it according to the lens type, for example, FUJINON XC 16-50MM f3.5-5.6 OIS.

The price of the Mounting Bayonet spare part is around 100-200 thousand rupiahs, depending on where we buy the spare part.

Tools needed:

  • Mount Bayonet spare part, make sure to buy it according to the lens type
  • Screwdriver +

Be careful and precise when removing the connector and flexible cable, don’t let it tear/break.

Good luck!


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