Recommendation Camera For Self Photo Studio 2023

Hello friends, in this post, I would like to recommend a camera that you can use to start a self-photo studio business in 2023.

Camera For Self Photo Studio 2023

The camera that I recommend is one that, based on my experience, is already very good for self-photo needs and is a standard for use in business. I wrote this article on April 25th, 2023.

The factors that I use as benchmarks for determining whether this camera is suitable and appropriate are:

  • Supports wireless remote shutter
  • Supports HDMI port for external monitor
  • Supports battery dummy
  • When using an external monitor and used for photos, its response is fast.

Best Canon Camera For Self Studio Photo 2023

DSLR Canon

  • Canon EOS 750d, 200d, 800D, 250d, 850d, 90d, 80d, 200d II, 760D, 77D

Mirrorless Canon

  • Canon EOS M50, M50II, M5, M6, EOS R, EOS RP

Best Remote Shutter For Self Photo Studio 2023

Aodelan BRE1

Canon BRE1


Hanpusen BRE1

Aodelan Pebble

Yongnuo RF605

Viltrox JY120

Before you choose remote shutter, make sure you know what remote shutter support with your camera. You can watch the video above to check compability remote shutter with camera.

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